eSaint (APR) Registration Error Messages


  • "I'm sorry -- Your request could not be processed because the current date and time, X is not within the registration window.  Registration is scheduled to be on Y"

    •  It is not time for APR registration work and you are trying to move a course to the request list.

  • "Your request cannot be processed at this time because a MainFrame update is in progress.  Please try again in a minute."

    • You are trying to make a registration request but the system has not finished processing and updating the last batch of registration requests. Wait and try again.

  • "APR was unable to process your request because hold information is not available.  Please logout and try again later. "

    • There is a connectivity problem with the database and hold information is unavailable. Contact Information Technology.


  • "X is already in your Request List. "

    • You are trying to move a duplicate course to the request list.

  • "X and Y are scheduled at the same time.  Please select one of the courses and try again. "

    • There is a time conflict within the group of courses you have selected from your working list.

  • "X is scheduled for the same time as Y"

    • Time conflict between a course you are moving from your working list and a course already in the request list.

  • "You do not currently have permission to take XPlease contact the course Instructor. "

    • You do not have permission in APR for a permission-required course. Please be sure you get permission from the instructor. They must add your student id number to the permissions list BEFORE you can request the course.

  • "You do not meet class year requirements for X. "

    • The course is restricted to certain class years (e.g. seniors only) and you do not meet the criteria.

  • "Your selection will exceed the maximum number of courses which carry unit value.  Please modify your selection and try again."

    • You are trying to request a course that will exceed the maximum number of course units allowed. Students can register for a course overload during the first 7 days of the semester by completing an add/drop slip and a Course Overload form.


  • "You can only archive 25 courses at one time."

    • You are trying to archive a huge working list.

  • "This student has a hold on his or her account - the hold will have to be cleared to continue. "

    • An Advisor is trying to add courses to the request list of a student who has a hold