eSaint (APR) Q&A: Faculty

Q: How do I know when my advisee will have her/his registrations processed?
A: In your advisee list, the Registration Times column indicates the start of the registration window for a student.

Q: What do I tell my advisees if they are on hold?
A: Please be aware that students on Hold may participate in academic planning and move courses to their Working List but are prohibited from moving courses to the Requests List. Students will be able to see if they are on hold as soon as they log into APR. Clicking on the hold indicator will display a message detailing who to contact about releasing the hold. There are 4 types of Holds:

  • Advisor Hold by default all students have an Advisor Hold. Once you indicate in APR that a student is clear to register (through your Advisee list) this hold is removed.
  • Dean Hold means student has no declared major on file or has no advisor on file. They must contact the office of Advising in Whitman Hall.
  • Financial Hold means the students has a financial obligation to the University. They must contact Student Financial Services. 
  • Registrar Hold means the students has not met their obligation to the Health Center in providing documentation (for new FY students only) or has not met an obligation to the Office of the Registrar.

Q: How will my advisee know if they get priority registration?
A: By viewing the registration times in the APR system. Priority registration batches begin at 7 a.m. Others begin at noon.

Q: How do I give permission for my course?
A: From the main menu select My Course Permissions. You should see a list of any courses you are teaching that require permission to register. When a student asks you for permission, you grant it by clicking on the course in your permission list and adding the ID number of a student to the list for that course. This can (and should) be done during the two-week academic planning period before registration week. Once you have added the id number to the permission list an email message is automatically generated to the student informing them they can now request the course. A student will be unable to move a course that requires permission to his or her request list until the instructor has registered that permission.

Q: What if my advisee misses their registration time period?
A: The initial registration process schedules student registration by class year so that upper class students have priority. During this time each student is eligible for 7 or 8 processes. Should a student miss all of these, web registration continues after Break until the end of the last day of classes. Any student, regardless of class year, is eligible to make registration requests.

Q: Where is the open course list?
A: The number of open and reserved seats will be noted by each course in APR. The open course list will not be useful during this time as the registration numbers change too quickly.

Q: Where do I find the list of distribution requirements and the courses that meet those requirements?
A: You can find the list of distribution requirements for graduation in the Course Schedule booklet and the University Catalog. You can view courses that meet distribution requirements each semester by selecting Distribution rather than Department in the course listings in APR.

Q: What does SPTP mean in the course title?
A: SPTP in a course title means Special Topic. These courses are not yet part of the regular curriculum. Descriptions for these courses can be found by clicking on the course title. There is a link to semester specific course descriptions at the top of the web site for each department.

Q: What are reserved seats?
A: Some classes have seats reserved for particular class years or for majors/minors. Each course in the list will note the number of open and reserved seats available. Clicking on the link in the Restrictions column will give information on course restrictions and reserved seats. Remember that reserved seats can be released at any time as the week progresses by contacting the office of the Registrar.

Q: How do I find course descriptions?
A: The course title is a link to the description for the course.

Q: How do I ensure a student gets registered for a project or independent study with me?
A: In cases where an independent study or project is available in the system, simply be sure to give permission to each student. In cases where the course is not available for registration through the web system, the registration can be handled manually -- Please contact the Office of the Registrar. It will require that the student submit a completed registration card with the appropriate signature.