Major/Minor Approvals

Major/minor approval processing is the mechanism by which a student’s major or minor requirements are approved for graduation by the Chairperson of each Academic Department or Program.

Major/minor approval worksheets are generally emailed shortly after add/drop during the last semester of each student’s senior year, though other approvals may be sent on a case by case basis as necessary.

The Registrar’s Office emails major/minor approval worksheets for students based on their major or minor. Chairpersons or department coordinators can then review student transcripts via APR to determine whether a student has completed requirements. Remember that current course registrations are displayed at the bottom of the transcript. The email includes an explanation of the procedure including term of anticipated graduation, due date to the Registrar’s Office and reviews steps 1-3 below:

Acceptable modes to return the form are as follows:

  1. Fax the form(s) to 229-7424, attn. Kevin.
  2. Scan the signed form(s) and email to .
  3. Return the form in person.

Completion Instructions:

  1. Circle the Decision for each student (Approve, Deny, Pending).
    • APPROVE: Only students who have completed ALL major/minor requirements as of this email's date should be marked "Approved".
    • DENY: If the student will not meet requirements, note reason(s) in the "contingencies/comments" column.  Also, indicate if a minor would be approved in lieu of a denied major.
    • PENDING: Students who are currently enrolled in courses for their major/minor should be considered "Pending" since they have contingencies (courses) that must be fulfilled.  Write legibly if handwriting these notes and please list contingencies for all pending decision
  2. Circle the Departmental Honors decision for majors (Yes, Pending)
    • If you do NOT indicate department HONORS for a student (or pending Honors with a list of contingencies) he/she will not have honors read during the ceremony, noted in the Program or listed on their academic transcript.3. The relevant CHAIRPERSON or Program Coordinator must sign and date EACH page.
  3. The relevant CHAIRPERSON or Program Coordinator must sign and date EACH page.

Special note regarding combined majors:

  • Transcripts are sent to each chair of a combined major.  Signatures are required from the chair of EACH department of a combined major. A single chair cannot sign for both sides of the major.
  • Combined major and honors: A student is only recognized for departmental honors when BOTH chairs of a combined major indicate departmental honors in their respective department.