Course Scheduling Regulations


  • Three 60 minute classes M W F and two 90 minute classes T H per week (or equivalent) are required to meet State Education Department requirements.
  • All time periods need to be well utilized. All courses meeting 1½ hours a week on Tuesday-Thursday must be scheduled evenly among all four periods. Half of a department’s courses meeting 3 hours per week on Monday-Wednesday-Friday must be divided equally among all six periods. (See chart on reverse).
  • Courses may be scheduled for 1½ hours on MW or WF only from 8-9:30a.m., 12-1:30pm or 1:40-3:10pm. To use these periods, departments must balance the MW sections with the WF sections. Only 300 or 400 level courses may be scheduled at these times.
  • Morning and evening 3 hour classes are intended for upper-level courses. Three hour courses intended for freshman should not be scheduled at these times unless an alternate section is available in the afternoon.
  • No two sections of multiple section courses should be scheduled at the same time, unless an alternate section is available in the afternoon.
  • Only upper level courses can be scheduled in the 10:10-11:40a.m. Tuesday-Thursday period with the Freshman Program.
  • Arranged courses should be limited to Independent Study, Honors courses, and Projects.
  • Scheduling must be arranged to allow students a lunch break.
  • The use of Chart B (on the reverse) is optional.


  • Single section introductory courses should be scheduled in the morning time periods. Afternoon time periods should be used mostly for upper-division courses with pre-requisites. For introductory courses with multiple sections, some may be scheduled in the afternoon time period.
  • Departments must work with other appropriate Departments to avoid scheduling conflicts in upper-level courses which are offered primarily for majors.