eSaint (APR) Basics: Faculty

Academic Planning and Registration

SIGNING ON-The web address is Your login id and password is the same as that used for network login. After login, click on the APR tab at the top. The menu options available are dependent on your logon id and the roles assigned to that id.


APR HOME-returns to the main APR page

COURSE LISTINGS-This area is the online equivalent of the printed Course Schedule. It can be sorted by clicking on the desired column heading. View details on restrictions, pre-requisites, reserved seats etc. by clicking on the links.

     The single row for each course listing includes the following information and links

  • Course-link for course description
  • Open-number of seats that are open with no restrictions. Updated after each registration batch run.
  • Reserved- number of seats available with restrictions. Updated after each registration batch run. Click on the number to view the reservations/restrictions.
  • Enrolled-updated after each registration batch run.
  • Time
  • Units
  • Distribution
  • Instructor-Only one instructor is listed for team taught courses.
  • Restriction-Click on the link for details
  • Pre-Req Yes/No - click on the y to view prerequisites.
  • Location-building and room where course will be held


  • My Advisee List- a table with links to information on each student for which you are listed as advisor in SAINTS
    • Column 1 - Email -select students you wish to email.
    • Column 2-4 - Advisee id number, name and class year
    • Column 5 - Reg. Date - date and time of first registration processing for the advisee
    • Column 6 - Transcript 
    • Column 7 - Registration - link to working list and registration request list for that advisee
    • Column 8 - Comments - log, edit, delete comments concerning advising
    • Column 9 - Docs - document sharing location
    • Column 10 - Can Reg? - a checkmark in this column gives student permission to request courses
    • Column 11 - List Update - information on who made the last change to the Can Reg? column and when
    • Column 12 - Pic - link to photo of student. Currently only FY students have photos available in APR.
    • Column 13 - Advisors - click the link in this column to see all advisors on record
  • My Class Rosters- courses in which you are listed as instructor with a link to view a list of students registered in the course. For each course total class enrollment is indicated as well as the classroom location. You can email selected students or all students and you can download the roster into Excel. Additionally you can create a Angel Course be clicking on the link. You cannot register the students into the Angel course, however.
  • My Course Permissions- a list of courses that require your permission for enrollment. You give permission by clicking on the course in your permission list and adding the ID number of a student to the list for that course. You can then send an email to that student to notify them that they are able to request the course. Permissions should be given during the two-week academic planning period before registration week. A student will be unable to move a course that requires permission to his or her request list until the instructor has registered that permission.
  • Manage Grades-available for both midterm and final grades during the open "window" for recording grades. The dates for recording grades are indicated.
  • Working List- To help you organize courses that you might like to monitor.

General Advice for Working with Students Using the APR System

  • The Academic Planning period is approximately two full weeks before Pre-Registration on the web.  During this time you should help your advisees build a schedule AND help them determine a reasonable plan of alternatives using their working list.
  • Students may move courses to their working lists at any time, but need to be cleared by you in APR to move courses to Registration Requests. 
  • The system will check for some common errors (e.g., time conflicts, permission required, too many units) and prevent a student from requesting a course that causes one of these errors.  However, the system cannot check for all errors (for example, missing prerequisites or a required lab), so students will need to check that they are proposing appropriate schedules.
  • Every student cleared to request courses before their registration window will be able to register for seven or eight registration runs.  They should monitor their status diligently during this period to maximize the number of opportunities for filling a schedule. Instruct them to view My Registration Results to see the results of their registration. There is a history there of what happened during each batch process.
  • When the requests for a student have been processed, the results will be available on the web (approximately a half hour after the batch run starts).  Please remind students to check My Registration Results to see the status of their courses. Students should not rely on checking the course status in the Registration Request list except to drop a course in which they were assigned as an alternate course, or request another course.
  • Any student who registers later in the week should still monitor the status of their choices. If the open seats in a requested course are gone before their registration batch runs, the course should be moved out of the Registration Request list and a substitute course (with open seats) moved up.
  • Instructors and department/program chairs who have restricted seats or may have a close-out problem should monitor those courses throughout the Registration Week.  Additional seats can be added or restrictions lifted (for example, after all majors have been processed) at any time during the week.
  • If a student is not able to obtain a compete schedule during his/her allotted registration runs, the system will continue to process requests until the end of classes. Students should check the schedule to note the dates.