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Occasional posts (subject to the whims of staff) offer a variation on the usual didactic prose regarding academic policies and Registrar's office procedures.
2012-09-04 09:59

Gather round the campfire my friends and learn about the pass/fail option. You can hum along if you like to the tune of Kumbaya.

Permission is required for pass/fail
Instructors must agree for pass/fail
Find out early on for pass/fail
Oh yeah, for pass/fail

Deadline is 25 class days for pass/fail
For Fall & Spring courses for pass/fail
5 days for Summerterm for pass/fail
Oh yeah, for pass/fail

One in a semester for pass/fail

2012-04-10 09:20
  • Diplomas are ONLY issued with a conferral date in either May or August:
    • May: Graduates who have completed all their requirements prior to commencement receive their diploma during the ceremony. Diplomas are mailed to those students who are unable to attend commencement and have been excused in writing.
    • August: Students who complete their requirements between commencement and the August conferral date (see the...
2011-12-06 12:34

The end of term is upon us and I thought you might enjoy a classic holiday song.  Feel free to hum along as you read.  The tune is the 12 days of Christmas (it is so adaptable!).  I have taken a few (ok, QUITE a few) liberties with the lyrics.

And the 12 Woes of Grading my University gave to me

12 Teaching Evaluations

11 Research papers

10 Assignments missing

9 Cups of coffee

8 Students crying (bargaining, pleading)

7 Bell...

2011-04-27 12:22

We keep academic records in accordance with the law
Official transcripts will require your signature

Once classes have begun you may change your courses still
There's 7 days of add/drop
and official transcripts will require your signature

You may choose not to receive a numeric grade for one course in a semester
There's 5 weeks to choose pass/fail
7 days of add/drop
and official transcripts will require your signature

You may...

2011-04-21 12:37

Learning the ins and outs of academic policies and procedures doesn't have to be boring and our goal is to spice things up a bit to make this educational venture entertaining.  We can't promise you'll be spell-bound  but we hope the posts are memorable. Periodic postings, subject to the whims of our staff, will go beyond catalog verbiage to enlighten our readers about the ways of academic records. Do stay tuned.

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