Real Work at an NYC Semester Internship

“I never once got coffee for someone,” says Natasha Bell ’14, describing her internship with Cosmopolitan Magazine as part of St. Lawrence’s New York City Semester. Natasha, a Canton, N.Y. native, says she “felt part of the [Cosmo] team. They treated me like I was an equal, not just an extra person at the office.”

Natasha worked with Sue Katzen, a 1986 alumna of St. Lawrence, who is Cosmo’s associate publisher. The relationship with Katzen made her experience “extremely memorable,” Bell says. “Shout out to Sue!”

Natasha created presentations or printed reports to help meetings run smoothly. Cosmo “gave me my own cubicle,” she says, and sat in on a couple of brainstorming sessions for future issues. “You don’t realize how particular magazines are about where things go on the page. It’s like a magazine landscape,” she says.

A highlight of her experience was attending the American Cancer Society Dream Ball, a black-tie gala hosted by leaders of the cosmetics and fashion industries. It supports the Look Good Feel Better program, which helps cancer patients cope with the visual side effects of treatment.

Although her internship was technically in the arts, Natasha dealt with creative marketing as well. “The skills I learned there are applicable everywhere,” she says: “Be on time, listen, take details into account. It was a great experience.” --Victoria Bean ’14