Visualization of two black 

holes colliding Peterson Quantitative Resource Center @ St.LawrenceUniversity
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Here are some useful software links:

Excel Resources:
Basic Graphing in Excel (North Caroline State University)

Fathom Resources:
Fathom Movies
Fathom Data & Simulations

LaTeX Resources:
CTAN - the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
LaTeX Support (University of Virginia, Information Technology & Communication)
Getting Started with LaTeX (Trinity College Dublin, School of Mathematics)
Online Tutorials on LaTeX (TeX Users Group)
Getting to Grips with LaTeX (University of Leeds, School of Computing)
LaTeX Tutorials (University of Southern Queensland)
Detexify2 LaTeX Symbol Classifier

Maple Resources:
Maple Video Tutorials
Getting Started with Maple (Indiana University, Math/Stat Center)
Maple Help Sheets (Kettering University)
Online Help - Maple (University of Maryland)

Mathematica Resources:
Mathematica Tutorials
Getting Started with Mathematica (Indiana University, Math/Stat Center)
A Brief Introduction to Mathematica (Purdue University, Computer Science Dept.)
Online Help - Mathematica (University of Maryland)
Mathematica Tutorial (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Minitab Resources:
Getting Started with Minitab (Indiana University, Math/Stat Center)
Guide to Minitab Commands (Kettering University, Dept. of Science & Mathematics)

Python Resources:
General Overview (Dr. Lisa Torrey)

Official Python Website

R Resources:
R Reference Card

R Reference Card 2

Scientific Notebook Resources:
Scientific Notebook Website
Using Scientific Notebook: The Basics

SPSS Resources:
Getting Started with SPSS (Indiana University, Stat/Math Center)
SPSS Tutorial (University of Toronto, Psychology Dept.)
SPSS Tutorial (University of Scranton, Psychology Dept.)
SPSS On-line Training Workshop (Central Michigan University)
SPSS: Getting Started (University of Texas)

Stata Resources:
Resources for Learning Stata
Stata Tutorial (University of North Carolina, carolina Population Center)
A Brief Introduction to Stata (University of Illinois, Dept. of Econometrics)
Stata Tutorial (Brown University, Economics Dept.)
Brief Guide to Stata Commands (University of Maryland, Dept. of Government & Politics)

Credit for photo: Albert Einstein Institute at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics and Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum, Berlin. Visualization by Werner Benger and Edward Seidel, director of Louisiana State University's Center for Computation and Technology