Student Bios

Caitlin Estes
Majors: Psychology and Biology

I was a late bloomer in the Psychology department, but I formed close relationships with my professors none-the-less. It was not until I took Intro to Psychology the fall semester of my junior...

Katie Vensel
Majors: Psychology

I live about an hour away from campus. My original plan was to become a math major, but the grades suggested I should think otherwise. After taking Introductory Psychology with Dr. MacGregor, I...

Abby Cook
Majors: Psychology, Economics

After taking an AP Psychology class in high school, I knew I wanted to study psychology in college. As soon as I got to St. Lawrence in the fall of 2008 I started working on my psychology major. I...

Jordan Garfinkle
Majors: Psychology and Environmental Studies

Sensation and perception was my favorite psychology class at SLU. Dr. Searleman's charisma and enthusiasm coupled with a fascinating topic help S&P take the cake here. As a senior, I took...

Andrea M Maynard
Majors: Psychology

When I first came to St. Lawrence I had no idea what I wanted to major in. That was until I took Intro to Psychology. The interesting topics and friendly faculty immediately pulled me in. Since...

Chelsea Loveys
Majors: Psychology

When I am not in school, I live with my family in Randolph, New Jersey. I decided to become a psychology major because I found the subject to be so fascinating and I was always wanting to learn...