Student Bios

Majors: Double major in Psychology and Spanish

My name is Caitlin Sullivan and I was a double psychology and Spanish major, with a minor in education. One of my favorite activities is traveling, and I was able to do this a lot during my...

Majors: Psychology and Environmental Studies

Sensation and perception was my favorite psychology class at SLU. Dr. Searleman's charisma and enthusiasm coupled with a fascinating topic help S&P take the cake here. As a senior, I took...

Majors: Psychology and Spanish
Minors: Sport and Exercise Science

While at St. Lawrence I majored in Psychology and Spanish, and minored in Sport and Exercise Science. I enjoyed a semester abroad in Valparaíso, Chile, where I studied Spanish. I am interested in...

Majors: Psychology

I’m Gerhard Schulte and I was a psychology major at SLU. I worked on an honors project that had to do with processing fluency and the availability heuristic. I was the president of the Nordic ski...

Majors: Psychology and Sociology

In high school, I took an introductory psychology course which sparked my interest so I choose to continue in the field upon entering college. At SLU, I took intro psych with Alan Searleman which...

Majors: Psychology, Francophone Studies

Discovering Psychology at St. Lawrence has been a rewarding experience. I took Introductory Psychology with Dr. Thacher in the fall of my sophomore year to get a Natural Science without lab...