Mr. Samuel Gradess

Samuel Gradess
Mr. Samuel Gradess
Psychology, Francophone Studies
President, The Laurentian Singers; Music Director, The Singing Saints; Member, Kalon-Kixioc Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa; Language Resource Center Teaching Assistant; Admissions Ambassador

Discovering Psychology at St. Lawrence has been a rewarding experience. I took Introductory Psychology with Dr. Thacher in the fall of my sophomore year to get a Natural Science without lab distribution, and haven’t looked back since! Since then I have fallen in love with each Psychology class for different reasons. I loved Developmental Psychology with Dr. Wallace because, as a Francophone Studies major, I really appreciated learning about language acquisition in childhood. Cultural Psychology with Dr. Deguchi was particularly enjoyable because of the daily thought-provoking questions of identity and how that relates to the ABCs (affect, behavior, cognition). Industrial/Organizational Psychology allowed me to appreciate working in Admissions, and how I could apply psychological concepts to my work studies (I actually did a presentation on V.I.E. theory for an Internship!). I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed Abnormal and Clinical Psychology with my advisor and first professor in the department, Dr. Thacher. I am thankful that I got to work with her, Dr. Onyper, and Jack Gilbert for my senior project. Our study looked at class schedules and sleep habits and how they affect matters of mood, affect, and cognitive capacities in the college setting (an under-represented demographic in the Psychology literature). In my senior year, I also took Physiological Psychology and performed surgery on a rat.

In the spring of 2011, I took Behavioral Endocrinology with Dr. Ghiraldi and worked with pregnant mice! It is my hope that I will participate in the Peace Corps as a Youth Development volunteer in Sub-Saharan Africa at a French-speaking post. Upon my return, I hope to complete a Ph.D. program in Developmental Psychology (at least that’s the current thought) in order to become a professor. My picture for this profile is from my summer working at Camp Courageous of Iowa as a counselor for campers with special needs (including intellectual disabilities). This is where I first developed (no pun intended) a passion for Developmental Psychology.