Jordan Garfinkle

Jordan Garfinkle
Jordan Garfinkle
Psychology and Environmental Studies
I ran cross country and track and was an Admissions Ambassador

Sensation and perception was my favorite psychology class at SLU. Dr. Searleman's charisma and enthusiasm coupled with a fascinating topic help S&P take the cake here. As a senior, I took Animal Behavior, and it was one of my favorite classes, too. (Coincidentally, I took both with lab, for students who are deciding how to meet the requirement.) If there is one class at SLU that I'd want to take again, it's S&P. I essentially get to do just that, attending the lab (which is where the coolest stuff happens). As the lab TA, I helped out with the in-class lab work and helped students work on the lab reports. In class, I watched illusion after illusion, and out of class I helped format lab write-ups in APA format. For some reason, the in class work tended to be more fun. My favorite part of S&P was some of the specific illusion Dr. Searleman showed us. I guess I shouldn't say what they were (he likes surprises), but a couple were really cool!