Chelsea Loveys

Chelsea Loveys
Chelsea Loveys
Randolph, NJ
I was also a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, and I lived in the house since my sophomore year. I served the positions of Chapter Correspondent and Secretary, and was also been the Vice-President and President of the Panhellenic Executive Board which is the Greek Governing Body.

When I am not in school, I live with my family in Randolph, New Jersey. I decided to become a psychology major because I found the subject to be so fascinating and I was always wanting to learn more. After taking Intro. to Psych and learning some of the general information about each area of psychology, I found myself becoming intrigued with all the different aspects of the subject. I was also excited to take more specific courses that were geared toward my interests. Another aspect about the psychology major that really attracted me was the fact that it is an area that is helpful in almost any profession. After I gradate this May, I plan on applying to graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner (most likely for Pediatrics) and I feel that my psychology major and my professors have really helped lead me in the right direction towards that goal.

Another reason why I was so attracted to the psychology major was because it offers so many opportunities for its students outside of the classroom. I worked in the Playgroup for the Developmental Psych. course my junior and senior years, and I was a member of Psi Chi. As a member of Psi Chi, I had the opportunity to sit in on department meetings with the psych. faculty and share my opinion on issues and discussions. I also worked on a senior research project with Alan Searleman and Serge Onyper. Being able to work with the faculty on research was such a great experience for me. It really taught me what it is like to do research in the real world. I was also an intern at the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center in Ogdensburg, New York. I helped aid the nurses and therapists with adults with behavioral disorders.

Choosing to be a psychology major was definitely the best decision I made during my time at SLU. The courses, the faculty, and all of the opportunities that it offers are very special and unique and I have no doubts that what I learned here will help me succeed in the future!