Caitlin Sullivan

Caitlin Sullivan
Caitlin Sullivan
Double major in Psychology and Spanish
Buddies (a mentoring program) Bridging the Gap program which involved giving presentations on various topics to local school children Another of my favorite campus activities was working in the developmental psychology playgroup, because I love working with kids!

My name is Caitlin Sullivan and I was a double psychology and Spanish major, with a minor in education. One of my favorite activities is traveling, and I was able to do this a lot during my semester abroad in Spain; which was an amazing experience.
I did not know what I was going to major in when I came to St. Lawrence, but after taking a few psych courses I decided that I loved both the subject of psychology, and the psychology department. I had a lot of great opportunities within the psychology department, such as working in playgroup.
Also, I was able to do an internship for the intro. to clinical psychology class, giving me some excellent hands-on experience. In addition, I had the chance to work on a senior research project with two faculty members and another student; also great experience.
Finally I attended the EPA (eastern psychological association) conference for two years, which was both educational and really interesting.