Caitlin Estes

Caitlin Estes
Caitlin Estes
Psychology and Biology
I played four years of varsity field hockey on the St. Lawrence field hockey team, and I was captain for two of those years. I was a member of SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee) as well as Pre- Health Club. I also had the privilege of being elected to Beta Beta Beta and Phi Beta Kappa. During my free time, I was a peer-tutor on campus, and was also the teaching assistant for one of my favorite classes at St. Lawrence!

I was a late bloomer in the Psychology department, but I formed close relationships with my professors none-the-less. It was not until I took Intro to Psychology the fall semester of my junior year that I realized my love for the subject. I found all of the topics that we covered to be so interesting, and I wanted to learn more. My professor suggested that I pursue a Psychology major, and he helped me to get started. My classes gave me an in-depth understanding of specialties including Environmental Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Infancy, and more! I really enjoyed all of my professors because they are all passionate experts in their select fields which made classes fly by ("time flies when you are having fun"...learn more by taking Sensation and Perception). My senior research project combined my Psychology and Biology interests and gave me valuable experience in research.