Caitlin Boreyko

Caitlin Boreyko
Caitlin Boreyko
Sports Studies and Exercise Science
Chapel Hill, NC
Pole vault for the SLU track & field team indoor and outdoor seasons; President of Psi Chi; ODK; EAO; lifeguard at campus pool; tutored at the Canton High School sophomore year; lots of hiking; 2013-2014: working on a senior honors project with Dr. Stuntz

Originally I thought I would major in environmental studies and then become a science teacher, but after taking Intro to Psychology I fell in love with the subject. I find myself looking forward to going to my psychology classes as they are almost always intriguing and fascinating. I am also convinced that psychology majors get more candy than any other major. I particularly loved taking Sport Psychology, which is the reason I am now applying to graduate schools in sport psychology and why I am pursuing a senior research project looking at coach-athlete relationships and effects on motivation. I particularly enjoy being a part of the psychology department because all of the great faculty. They are all amazing professors and passionate about what they teach. Knowing that I can sign up for any psychology class and will enjoy it is something I value in SLU's psychology department.

I spent the fall semester of my junior year studying abroad in Cairns, Australia. It was an amazing experience, I made life time friends, scuba dived the outer great barrier reef, went sky diving, hiked in the wild Tasmania, and swam underneath the most beautiful waterfalls. 

I feel that my experience here at St. Lawrence has prepared me to dive into graduate school, and eventually a career in psychology, with confidence and passion.