Anne Dunham

Anne Dunham
Anne Dunham
Psychology and Sociology
Starksboro, Vermont

In high school, I took an introductory psychology course which sparked my interest so I choose to continue in the field upon entering college. At SLU, I took intro psych with Alan Searleman which solidified my decision to major in psychology. I am interested in many subfields of psychology. In my courses here, I conducted research on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Eating Disorders, The effect of sexual stimulation on pain thresholds, and more. I did an SYE for sociology in which I evaluated the negative psychological and emotional effects of Abstinence-Only education on victims of sexual violence and the LGBTQ community.

As well as studying psychology and sociology, I participated in a variety of other campus activities. Among other things, I was an Advocate for victims of sexual violence as well as a coordinator for Advocate Trainings, I was president of the Swingin’ Saints, I was secretary for Dance Ensemble, I performed in every dance ensemble show since fall of my freshman year, and I choreographed several pieces. I was a member of Psi Chi and ODK, I volunteered at Renewal House, for SLUACT, and for SLU Buddies; I took horseback riding lessons, played club and intramural soccer, wrote for the Purple Ribbon and was a member of International House.

After graduating in May with a degree in Psychology and much experience under my belt. I hope to return to graduate school in a few years to become a sexual violence counselor, school guidance counselor, or sex education teacher/educator. For now, I plan to enter the non-profit field in Washington D.C. and work toward LGBTQ rights, positive sex education and outreach, or advocacy and awareness for sexual violence.