Psychology Senior Project Students at All-Time High

This year, the psychology department has an all-time high for the number of senior project students it is sponsoring. Senior projects in the psychology department are independent research

projects conducted by psychology majors under the supervision of the department staff.

Independent research typically consists of an empirical investigation of a topic related to

psychology. Senior project students carry out research on the project and present their findings in

a presentation to the faculty and at the SLU Festival of Science. Past projects have included

topics such as sleep patterns, emotions and memory, organizational structure, Reverse

Culture Shock, adolescent decision making, and neuro functions in mice.

Current students and advisors this year are: Grace Archibald, Lauren Reed, Brittany

Taylor, and Lamara Woodcock under the supervision of Tom Greene; Kari Elliot and Jeff Gill

under the supervision of Ron Sigmundi; Megan Derby, Maia Schierber and Lisa VanderVoort

under the supervision of Alan Searleman & Serge Onyper; Jack Gilbert and Sam Gradess under

the supervision of Serge Onyper & Pam Thacher; Caitlin Smith and Katie Vensel under the

supervision of Cheryl Stuntz; Josh LeBlanc, Brendan McGrath and Karley Patnode under the

supervision of Jim Fryer; Alissa Beideck under the supervision of Cathy Crosby-Currie;

Larissa Hoffman-Terry under the supervision of Loraina Ghiraldi; and Priscilla Morrison and

Abby Stanton under the supervision of Bill DeCoteau.

More to come on each student and their research topics! Anyone wanting to see final

results may come to the SLU Festival of Science.