Environmental Psychology Trip to Ottawa

The weekend of October 23, Dr. Greene’s Environmental Psychology class took a trip to

Ottawa for field experience in the subject. Environmental psychology focuses on the

relationship between people and their environments and how both shape each other. Although

one of many, the Ottawa field trip is the major trip of the class.

Students spent the entire day in Ottawa visiting points of interest relevant to the

class. They went on a guided tour of Parliament, explored the ByWard Market, and toured the

National Gallery of Canada. The class also toured through some residential areas of the

city via bus to examine architectural styles.
Ottawa, the Canadian capital, is home to many attractions worthy of seeing regardless of

being in the Environmental Psychology class or not. It is home to the 6k Rideau Canal which

is great for skating in the winter, seven art galleries, multiple theaters, and the

Winterlude and Tulip Festivals.