Program for First-Year Students is Set in Three French-Speaking Countries

“I've always been interested in French and have been obsessed with Paris for as long as I can remember,” says Khoee Tyner ’15. One reason why Khoee chose St. Lawrence was the opportunity to study abroad during her first year through the Global Francophone Cultures First-Year Seminar. 

In this program, first-year students as well as sophomores and juniors who have taken at least one semester of college-level French study in three Francophone cities on three continents. The majority of the semester is spent in Rouen, France, but the semester begins with a two-week residence in Quebec City and includes a week in the former French colony Senegal.

“I loved all three places but I really loved Rouen because of my great host family,” says the international economics and French major.

Since the program requires only a basic understanding of the French language, students take intensive French courses throughout the semester. “It seems scary to go to a place where you don’t really speak the language, but it’s really worth it,” says Khoee.  

Because of the program’s study components in three locations, students develop a better appreciation of Francophone culture—an appreciation that drives some, including Khoee, to return to France for St. Lawrence’s full semester in Rouen. --Mary Baucom