Recession Response - Phase 2 Task Group Membership


To:                  St. Lawrence Faculty and Staff
From:             William L. Fox, President
Date:               Friday, September 3, 2010
Subject:         Recession Response-Phase 2 Task Group Membership

In my remarks at Convocation, I shared with you the outline of our plan for Phase 2 of the University’s recession response planning.  My email communication on August 30 provided greater detail on the context and scope of our work ahead. St. Lawrence has the perfect opportunity now to become a national leader in how—through calendar, content, and facilities—higher education will be better, more wisely shaped, combined, reduced, consolidated, or grown.  We also have the obligation to address projected financial deficits caused by the continuing economic environment. 

A new 14-member task group of faculty and staff members will lead the community discussion on structure, organization, and programs. The task group will produce a report with concrete recommendations and possible schedules of implementation that will center on making the quality and reputation of St. Lawrence’s numerous programs financially sustainable; this group will be the ad hoc “steering committee” of St. Lawrence’s Recession Response—Phase 2 (RR-P2). It may, by its own determination and as needed, consult and collaborate with the Faculty Council and other committees, such as Academic Affairs, Budget & Finance, and the Institutional Strategic Assessment Committee (ISAC).

These colleagues have agreed to serve on the RR-P2 Task Group, a commitment of time and imagination for which I am deeply grateful.  

Rebecca Daniels, Associate Professor of Performance and Communication Arts
Joe Erlichman, Professor of Biology and Johnson Chair of Science
Steve Horwitz, Dana Professor of Economics
Catherine Jahncke, Associate Professor of Physics
Evelyn Jennings, Associate Professor of History
Karl Schonberg, Associate Dean of International and Intercultural Education
Eve Stoddard, Dana Professor of Global Studies

Jodi Canfield, Women’s Lacrosse Coach 
Grant Currie, Educational Technologies Training Coordinator
Macreena Doyle, Coordinator of News Services 
Anne Sibley, Director of Planned Giving
Eric Williams-Bergen, Science Librarian
Shaun Whitehead, Associate Chaplain
Bob Zimmerman, Unit Manager for Dining Services

Karl Schonberg and Anne Sibley have agreed to serve as task group co-chairs.  As they begin their work, they will create subcommittees or study groups that will involve many more faculty and staff.  Knowing what I do about the Laurentian culture of participation, I have confidence that all who are asked to assist will do so with equal generosity of spirit.