July 2011 Monthly Update


Admissions Update:   As of 7/22/11, we have 655 first-year students who continue to plan to matriculate in August.   When we examine our average summer melt (based on 10 years of data) for July and August, we could melt an additional 14 students.  The highest melt during these months was 21 and the lowest was 6.  We received 136 transfer applications for the fall semester.  Of these, 52 were admitted and 18 plan to enroll.

Whitman conversion:  You’ll recall that we have moved offices from Whitman Hall and are converting the space to 42 new beds as well as rest rooms, lounge space and laundry room.  That project is on schedule and on budget.  We expect delivery of a modular office complex, to be located adjacent to Whitman for the next two years, in early August.   

Facilities Projects: The Lee Hall/Eben Holden circle has been changed to provide a new entrance road and walkway, and is the beginning of the creation of the pedestrian inner-campus walkway system that will eventually go from Eben Holden to Vilas Hall.  The Chapel repointing project continues, and we now have a 125’ lift to reach the highest point of the masonry sections of the steeple and bell tower.  Repointing and stone repair has begun on Herring-Cole as well.

Project Status:

Approved Capital Project Work - PROJECT DESCRIPTION


Augsbury – replace column showers


Dana Dining Hall – re-point entranceway of Dana Dining Hall


Gunnison  Chapel -  re-point spire & bell tower


Herring Cole – Re-point façade of building, entranceways – repairs


Campus-wide Elevators – Compliance work related to new elevator inspections (PHASE I)


50 Park – Window replacement


50 Park – Vinyl siding installation


52 Park – Window  replacement


52 Park – Vinyl siding installation


Dean Eaton fire alarm upgrade


Lee Hall renovation work


Lee Hall abatement


Red Barn – shore up the red barn


Campus-wide slate maintenance


Sykes Hall – replace piping


Sykes Hall – Repair entranceway pillars


Memorial Hall – replace roof


Newell Field House – work on repair of West Wall


Hulett-Jencks replace North entrance door


Hulett-Jencks replace West side breezeway entrance door


11 Maple – replace roof


62 E. Main – replace roof


85 E. Main – replace roof


17 College – repair entranceways


Sykes – Repair clock tower


Block Building – replace entranceway doors


Financial Report:   The staff is working on year-end analysis, so we will update you in August on the FY11 annual operating results.   The endowment market value at May 31, 2011 was $239,915,000, down from April.  

Fundraising:   The June 2011 "Honor a Laurentian Mentor" campaign, inviting gifts to recognize a faculty member, coach or staff member, brought in 1,594 gifts.   Total gift cash for the year was $16.3 million, which compares to $17.7 million last year.  As a regular reminder, gifts (both unrestricted and restricted—general or specifically earmarked) from alumni, parents and friends are one of three main sources of revenue, and are already in our budget projections every year.   These are funds we must receive annually to help meet expenses.