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Campus Podcasts

Jewish Mothers and Daughters

'; 6:45 minutes (5.41 MB)

SLU Students Dig into Gardening

'; 8:32 minutes (4.56 MB)

Political Turmoil in Ottawa

'; 11:33 minutes (6.2 MB)

Cold Winter and Climate Change?

'; 4:02 minutes (2.25 MB)

Gospel Music Stirs Up St. Lawrence

'; 14:24 minutes (11.53 MB)

Heads up! Viewing the summer night sky

'; 12:20 minutes (5.65 MB)

Todd Moe talks with St. Lawrence University astronomers Aileen O'Donoghue and Jeff Miller about what's up in the summer sky. The Perseid meteor shower was a highlight earlier this month, but there's still plenty to view when skies are clear: Jupiter, Venus and Mars.