Student Bios

Nassir Abou Ziki
Major(s): Physics and Mathematics
Minor(s): 3+2 Engineering Program

I am a Math-Physics double major at St. Lawrence University. I am also enrolled in the 3+2 Engineering Program that St. Lawrence offers. I am also really interested in Computer Science and I have...

Major(s): Physics and Mathematics

In the four years I have been at SLU, I will never have spent more than two consecutive semesters on this campus. I have gone abroad twice. My sophomore fall I did SEA Semester, and then in my...

Dave Cohen
Major(s): Physics, 3+2 Engineering Program

I am currently a Junior here at SLU and am in the 3+2 engineering program so I am currently applying to engineering schools for next year. Two summers ago I had the opportunity to intern with an...