Student Bios

Alexandra Wagner '19
Major(s): Physics and Mathematics

I came to St. Lawrence intending to pursue our 3-2 Engineering Program, and I am still very much looking forward to following that dream! After building a strong liberal arts background here at St...

Riley Greene '18
Major(s): Physics and Math
Minor(s): 3+2 Engineering Program

Coming to the east has been a big transition for me but I love St. Lawrence and the community that I have found here more than anything. My St. Lawrence experience has been filled to the brim with...

Xiaoying Claire Lu '16
Major(s): Physics and Mathematics

I came to SLU hoping to be a journalist, then an engineer. As a requirement, I took University Physics in my freshmen year and Modern Physics in sophomore year. However, the material in Modern...

Evan Smith '16
Major(s): Physics and Mathematics

I started my Physics major in my Sophomore year and got involved in the Undergraduate Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Team (ALFALFA) project in the winter of Junior year, an astronomy consortium...

Sophie Foreman '15
Major(s): Physics
Minor(s): Math

When I first started at St. Lawrence I was absolutely certain of my decision to study chemistry.  Luckily, a pre-requisite for upper level chemistry courses is University Physics; it was...

Nassir Abou Ziki
Major(s): Physics and Mathematics
Minor(s): 3+2 Engineering Program

I am a Math-Physics double major at St. Lawrence University. I am also enrolled in the 3+2 Engineering Program that St. Lawrence offers. I am also really interested in Computer Science and I have...