Nassir Abou Ziki

Nassir Abou Ziki
Nassir Abou Ziki
Physics and Mathematics
3+2 Engineering Program
Bakaata, Lebanon
During my scarce free time I like to be involved in activities affecting my community. For this reason I am involved in a bunch of organizations on campus like the Voices for Peace in the Middle-East club and Amnesty International. I have also been a Residence Assistant for two years now and I work as a mentor at the Quantitative Resource Center. Last fall I became a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity as well. Other activities I am involved in include Sigma Pi Sigma (physics honors), Pi Mu Epsilon (math honors). For fun, I enjoy the swimming and kayaking in the St Lawrence River especially when the weather in Canton is still warm.

I am a Math-Physics double major at St. Lawrence University. I am also enrolled in the 3+2 Engineering Program that St. Lawrence offers. I am also really interested in Computer Science and I have taken 3 courses in the field. Next year I will be going to an engineering school for two years to get my Bachelors of Science in Engineering, in addition to the Bachelors of Arts in Math and Physics that I will receive from St. Lawrence.

During the summer of 2010 I interned at the Communication Networks Institute of the Technical University of Dortmund in Dortmund, Germany. I worked with a group of PhD student developing an Indoor Localization Device. My work was focused on integrating an accelerometer into the device and analyzing the data from it. I was involved in a lot of data collection and analysis as well as programming.

After graduation I have two possible plans in mind; either to go to graduate school in Applied Physics mainly Medical Physics or to take the engineering route in grad school. The two years I will spend to get my undergraduate engineering degree should give me enough time to figure out which of the two fields I prefer the most.

Nassir Abou Ziki