Chris Funch

Chris Funch
Chris Funch
Groton, MA
When I am not studying I run varsity Cross-Country and Track and Field. Being able to participate in a sport after high school was very important to me, and my passion for running was strengthened when I came to St. Lawrence. It helps keep me focused in all of my activities and the family we establish is one the key components of our program.

Though physics and math are my respective major and minor I am also focused on environmental studies. As an underclassman, I took advantage of the broad range of classes offered at St. Lawrence. Through this I have been able to take my appreciation for nature and the environment and begun to apply that to my studies in physics.

During the summer of '10 I had an internship at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI), in Buffalo NY, as a research assistant for a group of Medical Physicists. I used a technical computing software (MATLAB) to continue work a Masters student had begun the previous year. It primarily involved acquiring the position (translation and rotation) of a digital camera, utilizing an optimization algorithm, as a method for non-irradiative alignment of a patient receiving radiation treatment.

This fall ('10), as a senior, I am working on my senior year experience (SYE). The goal of my independent research, and experimental, project is to build and characterize a Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cell (QDSC) to explore the properties of this latest type of photovoltaic cell. I also hope to produce a lab manual on this experiment so it may be used in an educational setting for future labs.

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University of Oregon
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