D. Koon's Translations of Cuban Sci-Fi Published

Translations by Professor of Physics Daniel W. Koon of two works of fiction and one of non-fiction written by Cuban science-fiction writers have been published recently.

The two science-fiction stories, "Borrowed Time" (Deuda Temporal), by Anabel Enríquez,Piñeira, and "December 8" (8 de diciembre), by Raúl Flores Iriarte, have been published in The Apex Book of World SF, vol. 2, edited by Lavie Tidhar. It was released in August. The non-fiction essay "What the Russians Left Behind," by Yoss (José Miguel Sánchez), was published as a chapter in Caviar with Rum: Cuba-USSR and the Post-Soviet Experience (New Directions in Latino American Culture), edited by Jacqueline Loss and José Manuel Prieto, by Palgrave Macmillan in September.

The first fiction story is the story of a time-traveler intervening in the murder of John Lennon for personal gain; the second is "a wistful story of a planet-bound daughter who grows old as her space-faring mother stops the clock." The essay is "an exhaustive account of the pervasive (pop) cultural influence of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe on Cuba during the Cold War."

Koon has taught science-fiction, particularly international science-fiction, in the First-Year Program, has published translations of Cuban science-fiction and maintains the largest Cuban science-fiction site in the English language.