Student Bios

Major(s): Philosophy/Economics Double Major

I chose St. Lawrence for its dedication to a liberal arts education and the great community SLU is built around. My primary interests are in the philosophy of economics and the history of...

Major(s): Philosophy/Psychology Double Major

I chose St. Lawrence because I loved the small liberal arts school aesthetic, and I love the campus. I am interested in how the mind works both in the metaphysical and physical sense.

Major(s): Philosophy
Minor(s): Psychology

I chose St. Lawrence because of the location. It is beautiful around here. I love all that St. Lawrence has to offer, from small classes to the extra help that is provided. So far, meeting people...

Major(s): Philosophy
Minor(s): Asian Studies and Religious Studies

I studied abroad in India during the fall semester of my junior year. While abroad in India I conducted an independent fieldwork project that explored the Northern Indian classical dance Kathak....

Major(s): Philosophy

I came to St. Lawrence for its Nordic Ski Team and to have the small liberal arts college experience on the East Coast. I knew I wanted the small class size and that I wanted to ski for a school...

Major(s): Math
Minor(s): Philosophy

I chose St. Lawrence because of all the positive reviews I got from alumni. I am particularly interested in pure mathematics and logical structures. Also soccer. Every moment is a highlight, but I...