Sarah Baver

Sarah Baver
Asian Studies and Religious Studies
Mont Vernon, NH
Philosophy Club (President), Phi Sigma Tau (Vice President), Admissions Ambassador, India Fall '10, Commons College, SLU Reading Buddies, Calling All Saints

I studied abroad in India during the fall semester of my junior year. While abroad in India I conducted an independent fieldwork project that explored the Northern Indian classical dance Kathak. My project specifically examined whether or not the practice of gender transcendence in Kathak performance enabled female dancers to not be limited by traditional gender identities.

During the summer of 2011 I had a research fellowship that enabled me to live on campus for two months while conducting research related to my honors thesis, which explores the "hard problem" of consciousness, i.e., what the phenomenal mind is and why and how we have qualitative subjective experience. My thesis seeks to augment the philosophical zombie thought experiment by placing it within an existentialist framework in order to illuminate the interplay between phenomenal experience and free will.