Faculty and Staff Members

President: Louise Gava
Vice President: Caroline Breashears
Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Cania

Contact Lisa Cania, 315-229-5567, for questions regarding Phi Beta Kappa.

Faculty and staff who were elected to Phi Beta Kappa at their undergraduate colleges comprise the permanent chapter membership. Their participation in Lambda Chapter activities includes election of student members, organization of induction ceremonies and annual dinner, and advocacy of the Visiting Scholar Program.

Current Members

Janice Albano, Executive Director of Finance
Donna Alvah, Associate Professor of History
Erika Barthelmess, Associate Professor of Biology
Thomas Berger, Piskor Professor Emeritus of English
Larry Boyette, First-Year Program
Caroline Breashears, Associate Professor of English
Chris Buck, Assistant Professor of Government
Neal Burdick'72, Director of Editorial Services
Jodi Canfield, associate director of athletics
Lisa Cania M'82, Vice President for Community and Employee Relations
Greg Carvel'92, Appleton Men's Head Hockey Coach
Colleen Coakley, lab coordinator, psychology
John Collins, Professor of Global Studies
Rhonda Courtney, Access Services Librarian
Alison Del Rossi, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Danielle Egan, Professor of Sociology
Kerrin Enrensbeck'13, Assistant Director, Peterson Quantitative Resource Center
Jeffery Frank, Assistant Professor of Education
Louise Gava'07, Coordinator of Sustainability Projects
Paul Graham, Associate Professor of English
Rita Goldberg, Professor Emerita of Modern Languages
Wendi Haugh, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Randy Hill, Associate Professor of Performance and Communication Arts
Kim Hissong'94, Executive Director of Annual Giving and Laurentian Engagement
William Hunt, Professor Emeritus of History
Joseph T. Jockel, Professor of Canadian Studies
Baylor Johnson, Associate Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
Anneke Larrance, retired director of the Associated Colleges
Joan Larsen, Head of Reference and Instructional Services, Emerita
Mela Lawson, Psychology Lab Coordinator
Dorothy Limouze, Birdsong Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Patti Frazer Lock, Professor of Mathematics
Jenny MacGregor, First-Year Program
Nadia Marano, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Marilyn Mayer, Education
Jillian McKernan-Walley'94,Associate Director of Annual Fund and Alumni Engagement
Connie Meng, Announcer and Theatre Critic, North Country Public Radio
Julia Morris, Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
Elizabeth Paris, visiting assistant prfessor of anthropology
Ansil Ramsay, Professor Emeritus of Government
Kim Reardon'07, Lab Coordinator of Biology
Laura Rediehs, Associate Professor of Philosophy
John Rupp, Professor of Chemistry
Alan Searleman, Professor of Psychology
James Shuman, Associate Professor of Education, emeritus
Anne Sibley, Director of Planned Giving
Suna Stone-McMasters, Chemical Hygiene and Environmental Compliance Officer
Cheryl Stuntz, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Daniel F. Sullivan, President Emeritus
Chad Tessier, Associate Director of Major Gifts
Shayla Witherell'11, Assistant Director of Advancement Services
Sam Vandervelde, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics

Last update: March 2015