Mari Zacharek

Mari Zacharek
PCA and English
Edwards, NY
I am from the small town of Edwards, NY, that is actually only about twenty-five minutes from campus so I grew up coming to Canton often. Because of my love of reading my mom would often take me to Brewer Bookstore when I was growing up because it is the closest place around where I live to get books. I also participated in the Talented Juniors program at St. Lawrence in 2008. Currently, I am in my junior year at St. Lawrence so I’ll graduate in the spring of 2013 and I am both a PCA and English major. I came to St. Lawrence as strictly and English major but somehow in the scheduling I ended up taking more PCA classes than I did English classes for my first two years here. I then decided that although I am still and English major at heart, I wanted to study PCA at St. Lawrence because I’ve always been interested in performance and plays.