Alexandria Wajer

Alexandria Wajer
Alexandria Wajer
Global Studies
Newcastle, Maine

PCA major, with a rhetoric focus, and a minor in Global Studies. At St. Lawrence you must take a combination of distributions from many different departments, within the PCA department you can find a combination in some way of many of the departments; global studies, gender studies, government, English, and even the sciences. As a PCA major I have been able to heighten communication skills that are essential to any endeavor I may embark on after graduation, whether it is a job or graduate school.

St. Lawrence is tucked away in a small upstate town, but the SLU community and the surrounding community have much to offer. Whether you are interested in sports, community service, government or even the arts the SLU community has something to offer you. The surrounding communities have wonderful restaurants, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities to share with the students at SLU. Check out the rest of our website to see what else SLU and the PCA department has to offer!