Prof. Prody Presents at the Annual NCA conference in Orlando

Dr. Jessica Prody will be attending the annual National Communication Association conference in Orlando, Florida (November 15-18) where she will present the paper, "Feminizing Environmentalism: Monsanto's 'The Desolate Year'." It examines Monsanto's "The Desolate Year," a parody of the first chapter of Silent Spring that was part of industry's coordinated attack against Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. The paper argues that the campaign to discredit Carson feminized environmentalism, suggesting environmentalism had no place in the masculine realms of industry and politics. In addition, the campaign reinforced a dominant social paradigm founded on the idea that man should have dominion over nature not consider itself a part of it. This analysis offers suggestions and caution for environmentalists specifically and provides insight on discursive social conflicts generally.

In addition to the paper presentation, Dr. Prody will serve as Secretary of the Rhetorical and Communication Theory Division Business Meeting.