A New Play by Professor Gardinier Halstead

The new play "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead is a modern take on the golden rule with humor, heart, and larger-than-life characters. Based on the concepts of two of Carol McCloud's award-winning books, the play tells the story of Trey, a 4th grade student who learns about bucket filling from his camp counselor Mimi, Professor Smarty Pants III, and Bucket Filling Fairy (BFF), a magical creature who speaks in rhyme.

This theatrical adaptation is a fun and effective way for schools and theatre companies to address bullying. Gifford Family Theatre, a professional youth theatre company in Syracuse, New York, did a workshop production of the play in July of 2011. Gardinier Halstead served as playwright-in-residence, revising the script during rehearsals. Then in December of 2011, Ann Marie directed St. Lawrence students in the updated version of the play; they performed it for elementary school children in Canton, New York.

The play available at reflects the changes inspired by both productions.

The play and its author were recently featured in Daily-Courier Observer, a Massena and Potsdam, NY, newspaper as well as by the Oswego County BOCES website.