Future Imaging Workshops

Students in Philosophy of Peace are concluding their course this semester with a "Future Imaging Workshop."  

Based on workshops called "Imaging a World without Weapons," initiated by Warren Ziegler and further developed by Elise Boulding, this workshop has students think ahead 30 years to consider what the world might be like if we really made progress in addressing some of the important problems that we face today.  Participants think this through individually, then share their visions in small groups, and finally the small groups share with the larger group.  While individuals' visions do vary, participants also find considerable overlap.  Consensus-building is a lot more productive and fruitful than the participants originally expect.

After clarifying the shared vision 30 years in the future, then participants engage in another set of exercises in which they "remember" how we "got to" this future better world.  They move back 5 years, then another 5 years, etc., until finally returning to the present.  At this point, each participant considers his or her own contribution towards building this better world, now that the class has thought through how to get from the present to a better future.

If you would be interested in participating in such a workshop yourself, please contact Laura Rediehs.