Hunter Lombardi

Hunter Lombardi
Hunter Lombardi
Locust Valley, NY

I had the privilege of participating in the guide training program during spring of my Sophomore year.  During the course, my outdoor skills were broadened through the wealth of knowledge that my instructors shared and the experiences that I had with my fellow guides.  With a focus in rock climbing, the guide training program and the OP have given me the opportunity to build upon these foundational skills, and to be able to not only guide multiple introductory rock and ice climbing trips and the MidSemester Break multipitch rock climbing trip, but also to co-guide the half-credit Joshua Tree rock climbing course.  Furthermore, the time and effort the OP puts into their students has allowed me to become a certified American Mountain Guide Association Single Pitch Instructor.  The OP is a phenomenal way to sharpen outdoor skills, try new outdoor activities, and to create strong relationships with both students and faculty alike.  With one more year at St. Lawrence I intend to continue to be active in the OP and climbing community, and of course to romp around the playground that is the Adirondacks as much as possible.  Upon graduation I hope to use the skills the OP has given me both in a recreational and professional setting, and to begin a career in experiential education in an effort to introduce more students to the beauty of the outdoors!