Laura Berger

Laura Berger blowing on grass
Laura Berger
English/Environmental Studies
Outdoor Studies
Fellowship Chair of the community service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega; Ladies Club Lacrosse; Outing Club; Outdoor Program participant; writer for the Hill News; Habitat for Humanity.

I picked St. Lawrence because it’s “in the middle of nowhere” New York, surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains and on the border of Canada. I attended a small high school, Kearsarge Regional, in North Sutton, NH with only 120 students in my graduating class. I like being surrounded by nature rather than in a busy city where the lights are so bright you’re constantly blinded, and the traffic is so loud that you can’t hear your own thoughts. Here, whenever I feel the pressures of society, I have the ability to run away to the woods and clear my thoughts. Because of the isolation, I have loved every second of being here.

I have spent the greater part of this year trying to ‘find myself’ and what interests me the most. And I’ve discovered through the help of my Professors in three different departments (Outdoor Studies, Environmental Studies, and English) that my place is in the outdoors. So I’ve used the past few months to explore my own philosophies and ideas about nature, our environmental crisis, and applying my writing skills to making a difference and making people listen. SLU offers developed and outstanding Outdoor and Environmental Studies departments, and I have been blessed with the opportunities to be a part of them. Looking down the road a bit, I will be spending Fall 2010 on a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Expedition in hopes of expanding my studies of the outdoors. It’s my “study abroad” semester, if you will. And at some point I also plan to spend a summer session on the St. Lawrence Kenya program, looking at how environmental issues are affecting indigenous peoples. As for my future, I don’t know exactly what I want to do. But what I do know is that I want to be in the outdoors, and I want to be teaching students about how to respect it, which SLU has certainly provided me with the ability to do.