To:		The St. Lawrence Community

From:		President Daniel F. Sullivan

Subject:	Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity

Date:		May 18, 2004

I am writing to inform you of a change in status for the Xi chapter of 
Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity at St. Lawrence University.

Because the Xi chapter did not meet the conditions of the probation sanctions 
placed upon it by the Grand Council of Phi Sigma Kappa one year ago ó sanctions 
I agreed, at the time, would also govern Xiís relationship with the University ó I 
have decided to close the Xi chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, effective immediately.† 
Current underclass members of Phi Sigma Kappa who had planned to live in the 
chapter house at 78 Park St. next year will be provided with a campus residence 
for the academic year 2004-2005.

The Xi chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa was placed on probation status by the national 
Grand Council one year ago, with a carefully delineated set of conditions that 
needed to be met for chapter status to be reinstated in full in May 2004.  When 
this information was communicated to the members, I said that while we had 
grave reservations about both the process and substance of the Grand Chapterís 
Councilís decision, we would work with them in good faith to implement it 
successfully.  I was very clear about the consequences of failure, which 
included indefinite suspension of the Xi chapterís charter. 

When the members this year did not meet these conditions, I brought to the 
Board of Trustees on Saturday, May 15, the following resolution, which Board 
members passed unanimously:  

The Board of Trustees of St. Lawrence University affirms the process and 
propriety of the decision of the president to close the Xi chapter of 
Phi Sigma Kappa.

As an alumnus of St. Lawrence and the Xi chapter, this is a very painful decision 
for me.  I made wonderful, lifelong friends as a consequence of my fraternity 
experience.  I regret the inability of the Xi Chapter chapter to to understand 
the mission and goals of Greek life at contemporary St. Lawrence. 

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