St. Lawrence Hires Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

After a lengthy, deliberate and thorough national search, St. Lawrence University will welcome in January Kimberly Flint-Hamilton as the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion.

Flint-Hamilton is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida, where she has worked for the last 17 years. There, she was appointed by the university president to serve on its Diversity Inclusion Task Force, trained faculty and administrators on Intergroup Dialogue Pedagogy, and co-chaired an annual daylong symposium, titled “Inclusive Excellence in Teaching.”

The position of associate dean for diversity and inclusion is a new position at St. Lawrence University, created as a result of a yearlong effort known as the President’s Commission on Diversity. The final report, which was delivered to President William L. Fox in 2014, suggested consideration of the creation of a Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, which was charged with setting and delivering on several goals outlined in the final report, including the possible creation of the associate dean’s position.

“The report included a section on the need for a diversity officer who was not siloed in an administrative function but had direct contact with both academics and student life,” said Joseph Tolliver, Vice President and Dean of Student Life. “Kimberly Flint-Hamilton will report to both the academic dean and me and will become the chair and convener of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, meeting twice a month and overseeing the half-dozen subcommittees that span out across the campus.”

Flint-Hamilton launched her academic career in 1990 as a visiting instructor of history at St. Mary’s College in Indiana. A year later, she became the assistant dean of arts and letters at the University of Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters, where student academic advising was her primary responsibility. Flint-Hamilton joined Stetson University in 1999 as an assistant professor, becoming an associate professor in 2002 and full professor in 2012. She has chaired Stetson’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology from 2007-2010 and again since 2013, chaired Stetson’s College of Arts and Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and served as a coordinator for the school’s Intergroup Dialogue Institute Planning Group

“Dr. Flint-Hamilton brings to St. Lawrence an outstanding record of excellence in intercultural education and a strong understanding of the centrality of diversity to our institutional mission,” said Karl Schonberg, Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs. “She will help us to ensure that our values of inclusivity, support, and celebration of every member of our community are fully realized in all aspects of the University’s life.”

During the St. Lawrence search, Tolliver said three admirable qualities began to emerge in Flint-Hamilton as he got to know her over the course of several months.

“Through about a dozen lengthy conversations I had with Kimberly during the course of our search, through the conversations the committee had throughout the search process, and the conversations I had with those who have known and worked with her previously, a very clear image began to emerge of what drives her approach: intelligence, integrity and insight. The committee came to learn about how motivated she is when it comes to diversity and inclusion due to her own scholarship and her own experiences.”

In addition to chairing St. Lawrence’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Flint-Hamilton will be coordinating and leading the work of a diversity and inclusion plan for the University, maturing strategies along with faculty and staff to increase student retention and success, supporting faculty development of programs focused on creating diversity-aware classrooms, and advancing other recommended actions outlined by the President’s Commission on Diversity.

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