Spanish Professor Publishes New Book

Ilia Casanova-Marengo, associate professor of Spanish and co-chair of the Department of Modern Languages, has written a new book, Historias para llenar un mundo. Autobiografía oral de Agustina González (A World of Stories: Agustina González’s Oral Autobiography). The book is based on the personal experiences, stories, beliefs and sayings of her maternal grandmother.

The book is also a journey into Puerto Rican history and culture and a reflection on the importance of oral biography and spirituality in the context of gerontology. It was published by Paso de Barca in Spain and presented on May 14, 2014, at the University of Puerto Rico, Carolina Campus, by St. Lawrence University's Marina Llorente, professor of modern languages, Evelyn Jennings, associate professor of history, Ernesto Álvarez, retired professor of humanities and writer.