Modern Language Prof Publishes New Book in Spanish

Marina A. Llorente, professor of modern languages, has written a new book titled Poesía en acción. Poemas críticos en la España contemporánea, which was launched this summer in Spain.

The book was presented in Madrid during the prestigious Book Fair, where Llorente signed the book. Steven White, professor of modern languages, introduced Llorente and gave an overview of the book from a literary criticism perspective. Two poets, Jorge Riechmann and Viviana Paletta, whose poems were analyzed in Llorente's book, also read their works during the book signing. 

The book is the result of Llorente’s last ten years of research on the intersection of ethics and esthetics in the work of Spain’s socially committed poets. 

In July, Llorente attended the Testimony
: Memory, Trauma, Truth, Engagement conference in Oxford, England, where she presented “A Poetic Reconstruction of the Spanish Past: Elegía en Portbou by Antonio Crespo Massieu.”