Honor Societies Induct New Student Members (Updated)

CANTON — A number of St. Lawrence University students have been inducted this semester as new members in their respective local, national and international academic honor societies.

Five St. Lawrence students have been inducted into Phi Beta Kappa — the national honors society for liberal arts and science undergraduate students. The St. Lawrence chapter of the society, sponsored by Harvard University, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1999.

In addition, 14 biology, 18 mathematic, 14 psychology, six theater and four chemistry students have been inducted into their respective honor societies.

Alpha Psi Omega

The National Theatre Honor Society, Alpha Psi Omega, requires students to have completed at least two semesters in theater and performance work with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.25 or better in the Department of of Performance & Communication Arts. Students also must exhibit participation in a variety of production tasks in at least two categories: performance, production, directing, dramaturgy, writing, and theatre education.

The new members of Alpha Psi Omega are:

  • Peter ‘Gilly’ Caulo '16 of Amherst, N.H.
  • Julie Collins '14 of Burlington, Vt.
  • Maggie Cummins '16 of Potsdam, N.Y.
  • Neil Devendorf '16 of Fulton, N.Y.
  • Liz Forman '16 of Charlotte, N.C.
  • Claude Mumbere '16 of Burlington, Vt.

Nathan Torres, Technical Director and Production Manager, and Selina French, Costume Shop Supervisor, were also inducted as honorary members.


Chymist is a local honors society for St. Lawrence students who have taken at least six course units of chemistry with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and have an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.2.

The new Chymist members are:

  • Lara Clemens ’14 of Canton, N.Y.
  • Julia Friesen ’14 of Niagara on the Lake, Ontario
  • Jesse Gaboury ’15 of Acton, Mass.
  • Rachael Kenney ’14 of Chestertown, N.Y.

Phi Beta Kappa

Election to Phi Beta Kappa is based on total GPA and completion of appropriate credits toward a St. Lawrence degree. To be considered, students must earn a 3.5 or better cumulative GPA by the close of their junior year and have completed six semesters at St. Lawrence. Transfer students must have completed four semesters before they are eligible for consideration.

The new Phi Beta Kappa members are (not pictured):

  • Katherine Buxton ’14 of Williston, Vt., majoring in chemistry and mathematics
  • Kye Ameden ’14 of Fairlee, Vt., majoring in environmental studies and minoring in sociology
  • Martha Wells ’14 of Colebrook, N.H., majoring in biology and minoring in sports studies
  • Christopher Kellogg ’14 of Black River, N.Y., majoring in biology
  • Alexander Gladwin ’14 of Plattsburgh, N.Y., majoring in English and mathematics

Beta Beta Beta

The national biological honor society Beta Beta Beta requires students to have an overall GPA of at least 3.25, have completed four biology courses and have earned a 3.5 GPA in those courses. The biology major is one of the most popular programs at St. Lawrence University.

The new Beta Beta Beta members are:

  • Marissa D. Boyer ’15 of Storrs, Conn.
  • Nathaniel D. Kaufman ’14 of Baltimore, Md.
  • Britta J. Kilgus ’14 of Chester, Vt.
  • Hannah M. Langsdale ’15 of Hampstead, Md.
  • Jennifer M. Liano ’14 of Rochester, N.Y.
  • Annemieke A. Martino ’15 of Woodbury, Conn.
  • Elizabeth M. Mauch ’14 of Massena, N.Y.  
  • Mackenzie S. Meyer ’15 of Croghan, N.Y.
  • Jessica A. Novak ’14 of Williston, Vt.
  • Christopher R. Payton ’15 of Malone, N.Y.
  • Aden M. Peterson ’14 of Williston, Vt.
  • Ross P. Robinson ’14 of Redwood, N.Y.
  • Martha L. Wells ’14 of  Colebrook, N.H.
  • Ye Yao ’14 of Niskayuna N.Y.

Pi Mu Epsilon

The national honor society for mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon, requires students to meet minimum GPA requirements (both cumulative and in mathematics courses) and have taken a prerequisite number of mathematics courses.

The new Pi Mu Epsilon members are:

  • Kathryn A. Sawabini ’15 of New Canaan, Conn.
  • Xiaoying Lu ’16 of Beijing
  • Nyssa LaClair ’15 of Massena, N.Y.
  • Chansoknea Mao ’14 of Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Cailyn Welsh ’14 of Simsbury, Conn.
  • Jennifer Liano ’14 of Rochester, N.Y.
  • Corinne Niekrewicz ’15 of Kingston, N.Y.
  • Dave DiStefano ’15 of Jamesville, N.Y.
  • Devlin Rutherford ’14 of Bristol, Vt.
  • Eric Budge ’14 of Annapolis, Md.
  • Marieme Diallo ’14 of Dahra, Senegal
  • Katherine Bachman ’15 of Auburn, N.Y.
  • Devyn LaFrance ’14 of Barre, Vt.
  • Spender Nelson ’15 of Boise, Idaho
  • Erik Fingar ’14 of Sackets Harbor, N.Y.
  • Koby Wolfe ’15 of Plattsburgh, N.Y.
  • Juan Chang ’14 of Rye, N.Y.
  • Brandon Lustig ’15 of Toronto

Psi Chi

The international honor society for psychology, Psi Chi, requires students to have an overall GPA in top 35 percent in their class and a psychology GPA of 3.4 or higher.

The new Psi Chi members are:

  • Richard Tompkins, III ’14 of Redding, Conn.
  • Sean Coleman ’15 of Bristol, N.H.
  • Madeline Huleatt ’15 of Manchester, Mass.
  • Jamie Tempesta ’15 of Waitsfield, Vt.
  • Katharine Abramski ’14 of Oswego, N.Y.
  • Courtney Goodridge ’15 of Boxford, Mass.
  • Amanda Kellogg ’15 of Candor, N.Y.
  • Drew Parton ’14 of Bethlehem, Pa.
  • Erin Kuhn ’15 of New Hartford, N.Y.
  • Anna Schwarz ’15 of Montpelier, Vt.
  • McKenzie Meservey ’15 of Hope, Maine
  • Allison Baier ’14 of Bow, N.H.
  • Andrea Strauss ’14 of Avon, Conn.
  • Rebecca Allen ’14 of Victor, N.Y.