History Professor Featured in Media, Continues Work on Middle East

Assistant Professor of Middle East History Howard L. Eissenstat was recently interviewed on Public Radio International's The World for his views on Turkey's position regarding the Syrian conflict.

Read and listen to the radio segment here. (Eissenstat is featured at approximately 1 minute and 50 seconds.)

Eissenstat has been staying on top of the changing events in the Middle East over the summer. He gave two presentations on contemporary Iran and its regional role for U.S. military officers at the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management. He has been quoted by the Los Angeles Times on Turkish protests and wrote an op-ed that was published by USA Today. Additionally, Eissenstat's policy paper on the repercussions of the Gezi protests in Turkey was published by the Project on Middle East Democracy organization, and a longer, more analytical article was published this month by The Christian Century.

Eissenstat also has continued his work as a Turkey Country Specialist for Amnesty International USA. His blogs, both on Amnesty International USA main site and on the website he maintains for Amnesty on Turkish human rights, have received hundreds of thousands of views over the course of the crisis in Turkey.