First-Year Student Decides to Tie One On

While Ryan Farr ’17 and his high school friend were spending their summer before setting off to college in Spain, they noticed that the bow tie was a widely worn fashion accessory. The friends came home and, with the help of a third high school classmate, started their own company making bow ties right here in the United States.

“We realized shortly after returning to Hanover (N.H.) that bow ties were pretty easy to make and that it didn’t seem like too over-saturated of a market for us to get involved in,” Ryan told the Concord Monitor.

Ryan, of Etna, N.H., and his friends Tommy Hum-Hyder and Oren Wilcox registered their company, Farr & Hum, in New Hampshire this past summer and built a website to market their nontraditional bow tie collection. Their ties often feature flowers, geometric designs, paisley, bright yellows, vibrant greens and polka dots, other eccentric patterns and colors.

Each tie is made from organic cotton grown in Georgia, which is made into cloth in Atlanta. The fabric then goes to a printing company in Durham, N.C., and the prints are then sent to a seamstress in Hanover, N.H.

The three friends then split the inventory before leaving for their respective colleges this past fall. So far, Farr & Hum has sold about 80 bow ties. Their first sale was to Ryan’s high school Latin teacher.

For Ryan, who serves as the company's chief executive officer and financial head of the business, balancing schoolwork while running a business has been a challenge.

“I think my mom would kill me if I spend more time on business than school, so it’s certainly been interesting balancing the two,” Ryan told the Concord Monitor.

Farr & Hum’s bow ties cost $40 apiece and they can be found at


A full article was featured in the Concord Monitor on Dec. 29, 2013.