Dean of Admissions Quoted in AP, 'Chronicle' SAT articles

In articles written by both the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Associated Press, Jeffrey Rickey, vice president and dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, was quoted on the College Board's decision to revamp the SAT.

Rickey told the Chronicle of Higher Education's Eric Hoover that he praised several of the coming changes in the SAT. "I applaud the College Board for tying the test better to what’s needed in college, the way they will provide readings across the curriculum other than just math and English, and also ask for analysis," he said.

He told the Chronicle those and other shifts will require St. Lawrence to re-examine its test-optional policy, which it adopted seven years ago after finding that ACT and SAT scores did not add much predictive power beyond students’ high-school grades and course rigor. "We will need to do a new validity study," he said. "Depending on what the new test is measuring and how that relates to students’ performance, we may go back to requiring it, if it has validity that tells us we should."

Rickey also told the Associated Press' Kimberly Hefling, "It will encourage students to consider the questions more carefully and to attempt them, where before if a cursory glance at a question made it seem too complex to them, they may go ahead and skip that question."

In 2007-08, Rickey served on a panel formed by the National Association for College Admission Counseling to study the use of standardized tests in admissions. The testing commission, as the panel was known, cited a need for equal access to quality test preparation.

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