Planning Ahead


The Booklist is on the Brewer Bookstore website. Any questions call the Bookstore at 315-229-5460.  You might have to reset your browser.

Ordering Your Books for Fall:

A list of books available for purchase for Fall will be posted on the Brewer Bookstore website beginning August 2. Start your journey at the Textbook link above. Information you will need, which you will find on your course plan on APR2: 

  • Start by selecting “Sales Begin 2018-08-02”
  • Under Department, select the course – FRPG (for First Year Program) or BIOL (Biology), etc.
  • Select the course number – such as: 1006CBL Campbell College
  • Section – select the professor’s name
  • The list of books appears. 

The list of books will change throughout the month of August, as more books arrive at the Bookstore.  Students will be able to pick up their books at the Brewer Bookstore when they arrive on campus.

Travel and Transportation

Places to Stay

Communication Information

     To mail items select the above link for complete instructions on sending to your SMC box at SLU. You will receive your SMC box # in early July.

Campus ID Card

Motor Vehicle/Parking Policy

Family Weekend - Contact Student Activities at 315-229-5757


Change of Address form - complete the Change of Student Information Form