General Education - Social Sciences

Courses that fulfill the Social Sciences (SS) requirements
Courses offered in FALL 2017. Check the Course Catalog for descriptions and requisite information. Not all courses may be offered each semester.  This list may not be complete, so please check the course catalog in APR 2.0 for an updated listing.

African Studies
AFS 225           Peoples & Cultures of Africa (ANTH 225)
AFS 425           Environmental Conservation Africa (ANTH 425)

ANTH 101      Intro to Human Origins
ANTH 102      Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 103      Intro to Archaeology
ANTH 215      Science & Pseudoscience in Archaeology
ANTH 225      Peoples & Cultures of Africa (AFS 225)
ANTH 242      Dealing with the Dead
ANTH 3020    Plagues & People
ANTH 4011    Social Life of Ancient Things
ANTH 425      Environmental Conservation Africa (AFS 425)

Asian Studies
ASIA 120         Comparative Politics
ASIA 222         Asian Political Economy in the Global Age (GS 222)
ASIA 291         SEM: Comparative Politics

Caribbean and Latin American Studies
CLAS 268        Sustainable Development (SOC 268)
CLAS 281        US Foreign Policy Toward Latin America (GOVT 281)
CLAS 352        Clinic: Effects of Globalization on Human Rights

ECON 100      Intro to Economics

EDUC 203      Contemporary Issues in Education

Environmental Studies
ENVS 187       Environment and Society (SOC 187)
ENVS 253       Race, Class, & Environmental Justice (SOC 253)

GOVT 290     SEM: American Politics
GOVT 291     SEM: Comparative Politics
GOVT 293     SEM: International Politics
GOVT 302     American Legal Systems
GOVT 303     Parties, Interest Groups, & Elections
GOVT 310     US Presidency
GOVT 320     African Politics (AFS 320)
GOVT 325     Canadian Politics
GOVT 330     European Politics
GOVT 368     Democracy and Its Critics (PHIL 368)

Global Studies
GS 101            Intro to Global Studies I: Political Economy
GS 222            Asian Political Economy in the Global Age (ASIA 222)
GS 268            Global Health & Justice

Performance and Communication Arts
PCA 250          Research Methods

PHIL 206        Political Theory (GOVT 206)
PHIL 368        Democracy and Its Critics (GOVT 368)

SOC 101         Intro to Soc: Principles of Sociology
SOC 187         Intro to Soc: Environment and Society (ENVS 187)
SOC 203         Foundations of Social Theory
SOC 224         Family Community & Globalization w/CBL
SOC 253         Race, Class, and Environmentalism (ENVS 253)
SOC 268         Sustainable Development (CLAS 268)
SOC 300         Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 3055       Sociology of Climate Change
SOC 3072       Power, Politics, and Society
SOC 3073       Political Economy of the Modern World