General Education - Languages

Courses that fulfill the Language (LANG) requirement
Courses offered in FALL 2017. Check the Course Catalog for descriptions and requisite information. Not all courses may be offered each semester.  This list may not be complete, so please check the course catalog in APR 2.0 for an updated listing.

Modern Languages & Literature
ESL 202          Advanced Stylistics

African Studies
AFS 100           Elementary Swahili I w/Lab (SWAH 101)
AFS 103           Intermediate Swahili I w/Lab (SWAH 102)
AFS 106           Elementary Arabic I w/Lab (ARAB 101)
AFS 108           Intermediate Arabic I w/Lab (ARAB 103)
AFS 203           Advanced Arabic I (ARAB 201)

Asian Studies
ASIA 101         Elementary Chinese I w/Lab (CHIN 101)
ASIA 103         Intermediate Chinese I w/Lab (CHIN 103)
ASIA 201         Advanced Chinese I (CHIN 201)

French (Francophone Studies)
FR 101            Elementary French I w/Lab
FR 103             Intermediate French I w/Lab
FR 103HYB    Elementary/Intermediate French w/Lab
FR 201            Advanced French I w/Lab

GER 101         Elementary German I w/Lab
GER 103         Intermediate German I w/Lab

ITAL 101        Elementary Italian I w/Lab
ITAL 103        Intermediate Italian I w/Lab
ITAL 201        Italian III

Spanish (Estudios Hispanicos)
SPAN 101       Elementary Spanish I w/Lab (CLAS 101)
SPAN 103       Intermediate Spanish I w/Lab
SPAN 201       Advanced Spanish I (CLAS 201)