General Education - Diversity

Courses that fulfill the Diversity (DIV13) requirement
Courses offered in FALL 2017. Check the Course Catalog for descriptions and requisite information. Not all courses may be offered each semester.  This list may not be complete, so please check the course catalog in APR 2.0 for an updated listing.

African American Studies
AFAM  3001    Intro to Black Modernism

African Studies
AFS 101           Intro to African Studies
AFS 106           Elementary Arabic I w/Lab (ARAB 101)
AFS 225           Peoples & Cultures of Africa (ANTH 225)

Art & Art History
AAH 218         Arts of South Asia (ASIA 218)

ANTH 102      Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 104      Language & Human Experience (PCA 105)
ANTH 225      Peoples & Cultures of Africa (AFS 225)

Asian Studies
ASIA 120         Comparative Politics
ASIA 125         Early Asian Civilization (HIST 105)
ASIA 210         Musics of the World (MUS 210)
ASIA 218         Arts of South Asia (AAH 218)
ASIA 223         Asian Philosophy (PHIL 223)
ASIA 261         Religious Life of India (REL 221)

Caribbean and Latin American Studies
CLAS 103        Intro to Ethnic Studies
CLAS 104        Survey of Caribbean & Latin American History (HIST 115)
CLAS 105        Latino Cultural Expressions
CLAS 234        Modern Latin America
CLAS 352        Clinic: Effects of Globalization on Human Rights

Canadian Studies
CNS 101         Intro to Canada

EDUC 250      Teaching & Learning Different Classrooms

ENG 245DIV  LS: Literature in Context

Film and Representation Studies
FILM 271        World Cinema

Gender & Sexuality Studies
GNDR 103     Gender & Society
GNDR 280     Sexuality, Society, & Culture
GNDR 290COMM     Gender & Feminist Theory w/Lab
GNDR 4016   Literature & Psychoanalysis (ENG 4022)

Global Studies
GS 102            Intro to Global Studies II: Race Cultural Identity
GS 102HLTH Intro to Global Studies II: Global Public Health
GS 268            Global Health & Justice

GOVT 105     Comparative Politics (GOVT 105W is Writing Intensive)

HIST 105        Early Asian Civilization (ASIA 125)
HIST 108        Intro to African Studies (AFS 101)
HIST 115        Survey of Caribbean & Latin American History (CLAS 104)
HIST 234        Modern Latin America (CLAS 234)
HIST 280        History of Women in America

Modern Languages & Literature (these classes do not count for LANG if counting for DIV13)
ARAB 101      Elementary Arabic I w/Lab
CHIN 101       Elementary Chinese I w/Lab
ESL 201          Intro to American Culture
GER 101         Elementary German I

Peace Studies
PEAC 100       Intro to Peace Studies (PHIL 120)

PHIL 120        Intro to Peace Studies (PEAC 100)
PHIL 223        Asian Philosophy (ASIA 223)
PHIL 334        Feminist Philosophies

Religious Studies
REL 221          Religious Life of India (ASIA 261)
REL 3013        American Religious Lives