New Food Paradigm

Cynthia Tina ’15 expects her commitment to “sustainable food and community” to be life-long. The Lynn, Mass., resident’s burgeoning interest inspired her to take the lead in the creation of both the Fruit for the Future Club and a permaculture garden on campus, with the help of a University Innovation Grant.

“We have successfully planted the garden and built an outdoor classroom, with the help of many student and community volunteers and local artisans,” she says. “We hope to plant more, create additional seating spaces, build educational infrastructure and better incorporate permaculture principles into campus-wide landscaping”. The club is dedicated to the care of the garden and the project’s mission.

 “It is imperative that as a global community we address the environmental problems threatening our existence,” Cynthia says. “Food, the most basic of human needs, is a good place to start.

“Ecological management, edible landscaping, forest gardens – these offer solutions to one of the biggest questions: How will 7 billion people get their food, without depleting resources for the next generation?” Cynthia explains. “I have been incredibly excited to help build a permaculture garden at an institution where students, as well as community members, can eat the fruits of their own labor, while learning about and working toward a possible new food paradigm.”